Colloquy (#4)


“Can you count the freckles on my body?”

“I can, but I haven’t.”

” Do it now.”

“Where do I start?”

“Wherever you want to.”

“Okay, come here. Let me look behind your ear.”


“Shh, don’t move.”

“I can feel your breath. It tickles.”

“Stay still, don’t make excuses.”

“Stay focused, don’t kiss my neck.”

“Stay silent, I like your soft skin.”

“Stay, I like you.”


Colloquy (#3)


“Do you ever run out of things to say?”

“Sometimes. Depends on who I’m talking to.”

“Have you ever felt that way when you talk to me?”

“Not yet.”

“Which means one day you will.”


“What then?”

“You’ll have to do the talking. There’s probably a lot that you haven’t told me.”

“I might never.”

“Why not?”

“Not used to talking about myself, probably won’t ever be.”

“Well, then, we’re going to have to suffer in silence.”

“And then you’ll drift away.”

“Only if you let me.”

Colloquy (#2)


“One. Two. Three. Four. Six.”

“Five. You forgot five.”

“Deliberately, I wanted to see if you were paying attention.”

“I always pay attention to what you say.”

“What’s my favourite song, then?”

“Trick question. You don’t have a favourite. You’re in love with those monkey men, that’s all.”

“They’re my favourite band, stop calling them monkey men.”

“For as long as you are with me, no.”

“Not long, sweetheart.”

“Don’t make promises you know you can’t keep.”

“I will kill myself, I know it.”

“No you won’t. You’re a coward.”

“I fell in love with you, that was brave enough of me.”

“Bad decision, kid.”

“Aw, baby. Will you break my heart?”

“Haven’t I already?”

Colloquy (#1)


“Why do you bite your nails so much?”

“I don’t know. Do I?”

“You’re nibbling on them as you say this, are you even real?”

“I don’t know. Am I?”

“I should have been the one stoned right now, you’re high even when sober, weed only gives you an excuse to be annoying.”

“Right now would be a good time to shut up and kiss me.”

“I’m gonna pass.”

“Oh come on, I know you like the taste of my lips.”

“Yeah, the sugary aftertaste of smoking too many Marlboro Cloves. You’re a fucking chimney, you do realise that, don’t you?”

“Honey, smoke is beautiful. Reminds me of you.”

“Because it’s beautiful?”

“Because it vanishes without a trace.”